About me

I am from Vienna/Austria and I am totally addicted to oldschool Goa-Trance since I first listened to a Matsuri Vinyl Release of Perfect Rainbow – Exotic Eye (Youtube and Discogs link) in 1996. Since then, my music production is 95% focussed on Goa-Trance and psychedelic music.

I released my first album, Persistence, in 2007 free for download on a well known psychedelic music forum and it was quite well received by the scene. Some months later I played my first liveact at a nice outdoor party (“Shishu 5”) in Belgium near the french border, organized by DJ Anoebis, co-founder and co-manager of Suntrip Records.

Since then I play now and then, and DJ sometimes too, which is a great thing to do on psychedelic music parties, because it’s fun and it allows to connect to all people on the dancefloor at once. And it is not that much work as a liveact.

In 2008, i got reinvited to play a liveact in Belgium, this time in Antwerp on a party called “still persistent” organized by Mike, a very nice guy then owning a psychedelic records store.

It is two weeks ago since I released my second Album, Turning Point, a huge evolution in terms of production quality and sound.

I want to thank some people for their support and/or work:

  • Manfred Zeisberger and Alina C for their artwork for my albums
  • Harald for continuous feedback helping to improve production quality and finally releasing both of my albums on his goatrance label “Phototropic Records”
  • Anoebis and Mike for inviting me to play at their  parties (“Shishu” and “Still Persistent”) in Belgium
  • CoaGoa, Imba, Agneton – new friends I met in this special oldschool goatrance  universe 🙂
  • Alexander/Basilisk, the Ektoplazm founder – please, never stop providing us with high quality, free and – last but not least – electronic music
  • Astral Projection, Cosmosis, Ra, Dimension 5, Man with no name, Synsun, Infected  Mushroom,  Shakta, Chi A.D., Jaia, Transwave, Khetzal, X-Dream, Electric Universe and many many more for creating, evolving and persisting in  keeping alive this very special musical genre.

One thought on “About me

  1. Dear Sir, Wow,. I love your music. I love oldskool goa trance. Whenever i listen to your music it takes me to an another dimension of existence. Awesome music. Of course it is not commercial music for the masses. But diamonds do not pop up on streets for everyone to pick out. diamonds must be searched. I searched & i found. ( On ektoplazm). It will be Aweeesome if you can do few goa mixes us to enjoy.

    Be well,
    With metta kindness
    Sri lanka/uk

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