Really enjoyed playing at the Silver Lake Festival in Poland!

I think this was one of the most beautiful sites I ever had the chance to play. Friday a 3 hours long old school DJ set, Saturday 90 min live act. Both were stunning experiences, below high trees on the side of a beautiful lake, people flying over the dancefloor! I’ll be back 😉

New Track “Teonanacatl” released on UAF Records 11/2011

Underground Alien Factory Records follows up on the success of Goa Overdose with Goa Overdose 2, compiled by Imba. From the trippy to the twisted, this insanely brilliant release features some of the best Goa trance from across the globe. With driving bass lines, dark pounding beats and melodic synths, this is full Goa trance […]

“Turning Point” Full-Length Studio Album Released

After far too long, I finally managed to prepare my tracks for publication. Digitoxin ( offered to publish my second album, so 2010, 3 years after the initial release of my first Studio-Album “Persistence” for free on, 2 years after releasing the polished-up version on ektoplazm and one year after releasing the mastered version […]

“Persistence” 2.0 – First full-length Album released in 2008

Nolax Persistence 2.0 was first released on 30th June 2007 as 128k mp3 (now hosted on with the promise of a CD release, and here it is. There are small changes in the tracks, and new mastering. “Persistence 2.0 is firmly entrenched in the old school revivalist movement. Nolax draws upon the Eastern mystique […]