“Turning Point” Full-Length Studio Album Released

After far too long, I finally managed to prepare my tracks for publication. Digitoxin (www.phototropicrecords.com) offered to publish my second album, so 2010, 3 years after the initial release of my first Studio-Album “Persistence” for free on psynews.org, 2 years after releasing the polished-up version on ektoplazm and one year after releasing the mastered version of Persistence 2.0 on CDR on PTR, this is my attempt to either get up to what I already reached then or, if you like, to make it better.

Elias, a friend of mine living in Belgium (also a musician. He produces great oldschool Goa-Trance and Nitzhonot) wrote the following release-text (thank you!):

Phototropic Records kicks off the summer with a brand new album by melodic virtuoso Nolax!

Hailing from Austria, Christoph Mitsch started to build a solid reputation in the newschool Goa-scene after his well-received debut album “Persistence” in 2007. Three years have passed since then and finally time has come to expose fresh food for both brain and soul in a second episode of Nolax adventures. Turning Point will take you on a journey through sun-drenched soundscapes and rhythmically organized fairytales, swifting back and forth through spaced-out atmospheres, melancholic interludes and hypnotizing patterns. Whatever track you prefer to fire up, epicures of cosmic and emotional melodies are guaranteed to find their satisfaction right here.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Feel free to register on this blog and post your comments.

This is more information posted on the label website:

Release Info:

Genre: Goa-Trance
Tracks: 8
Playtime: 78:48 min
Catalog#: PHTRCD14
URL: www.phototropicrecords.com
email: info@phototropicrecords.com
Release Date: 24.Jun.2010


01 – Out in the garden (10:47)
02 – Linear Vortex Scaling (10:17)
03 – The chromium fence (10:19)
04 – Lonely Sunday (8:33)
05 – Soul Sucker (10:41)
06 – The crack in space (9:36)
07 – Project Earth (9:24)
08 – Spectral Diversion (8:11)

Mastered by Digitoxin (thank you!)
Cover art by Fredman (thank you!)

.. and yes, you can actually buy it 🙂

Buy the CD here:

Download the CD here:

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